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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ryan Gosling, hot off of his memorable roles in Crazy, Stupid Love and Blue Valentine plays a driver for hire.  He's a stunt driver for movies by day and a getaway car driver by night.

He's a modern day Steve McQueen and the opening chase pulls you in fast.  

But after that stylish opener,  the whole story gets too familiar. Boy meets girl, (a lovely one played by Casey Mulligan), boy gets in too deep with the girl, boy gets in too deep with the bad guys and pretty soon, everyone gets in too deep with guns. And of course, there is a bag of money. By the end it was like any tv show and I was ready to drive home fast.

SImply Put: Downshift

Award Potential: None. But gives points towards Rosling's Ides of March nomination

Ten Buck Review:  Worth 2 bucks. (Rent it to watch instead of a CBS procedural)

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