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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Nigel is a young boy who loves food. Perhaps this is because his mom never quite got the hang of cooking anything without ruining it - except for toast. After Nigel's mom dies, his father takes interest with the new cleaner (Helena Bonham Carter) who knows her way around both the kitchen and the bedroom.  This is the setup for a coming of age story that wants to be the Billy Elliot of food movies.

It's mostly lighthearted fun, but unfortunately everything is overplayed.  The mother is such an overstated bad cook that she actually misses the bowl when putting butter in it. The father too dismissive. The cleaner too sinister.  With such obvious characters, this comic movie would probably play better at home than on the big screen.

Simply put: Like toast itself, this film is just OK.

Award potential: Helena Bonham Carter will have to wait a little longer.

The Ten Buck Review:  Pass. Not worth your ten bucks. 

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