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Friday, January 20, 2012


Roman Polanski’s Carnage is a clever play centered on the polite and not-so-polite parental differences of two couples. Oops, did I say play? I meant to say it’s a movie.

Viewers are trapped in a room with the perfectly cast couples (Jodie Foster & John C. Reilly and Kate Winslet & Christoph Waltz) as they sort things out. All the engaging, biting dialogue is suited for the stage but just not authentic enough for cinema. In a movie, the reality is heightened so one can’t believe that these parents would actually hang out long enough for all the drama that unfolds.

Simply put:  A well-casted, claustrophobic play. I mean, movie.

Award potential: The cast was nominated for Golden Globes and other awards. But I don’t think the Oscars will come knocking at the door.

The ten buck review:  Not worth ten bucks. Put these guys on Broadway and I’ll change my tune.

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