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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunger Games

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Katniss,in the Hunger Games novels and in this big screen version of the first book, is a feisty and strong female character — and she’s the heart and soul of the story. A lot of this tale rests on her young shoulders as she’s about the only interesting character taking on the 1% of the future. No fear here, Jennifer Lawrence plays her confidently.

The Hunger Games movie will please the fans of the book series and it will work as effective entertainment for most moviegoers. Younger teens should find another movie.

Those adults looking for an action movie will be disappointed. The shaky-cam approach leaves the action blurred and distant. I usually hate the shaky-cam approach, but given that any action involves young kids fighting each other to the death, I believe that was a good choice here.

Simply put:  Looking for a faithful adaptation and a thrill ride?  The odds are ever in your favor

Award potential:
Jennifer Lawrence pulled a surprise nomination for Winter’s Bone, but she won’t repeat with this action movie

The ten buck review: Worth ten bucks.

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