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Monday, April 23, 2012

Darling Companion


A lost dog forces a stellar ensemble of couples (Diane Keaton & Kevin Kline, Dianne Wiest and Richard Jenkins) to spend days hiking around the Rockies to look for a lost dog — and sort through their relationships.

But the film is every bit as lost.

If the dialogue had been more sharp than soggy, perhaps the lost dog premise might have worked as a catalyst to explore marital tensions. Unfortunately, the script is soft and Lawrence Kasdan’s (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Body Heat, Big Chill, Accidental Tourist) first film in 9 years is... a dog.  

Darling Companion opens in Dallas May 2012.

Simply put:  Lost dog, lost film

Award potential:  No awards.

The ten buck review: Not worth ten bucks. Rent Enchanted April or Kasdan’s Grand Canyon instead.

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