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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


seth macfarlane

Written by, directed by, and costarring the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane as the voice of the title character, Ted is exactly the type of comedy you’d expect from him. Summarizing the movie is kind of like describing most 12-year-olds: mostly crass and sometimes quite charming.

The charming bro-ship between Mark Wahlberg’s John and talking CGI bear Ted is quite a feat. Oddly, you can feel the love whether they are in a fistfight or riffing off each other in a drug-fueled talkfest.

And thank you, Seth MacFarlane, for not making us endure a story about everyone discovering a talking teddy bear. Refreshingly, Ted has already been famous and, as an adult, he’s mirroring Gary Coleman’s career path.

The big screen allows MacFarlane to push the limits of raunch to his heart’s content. And yes, he #*@*#ing goes there.  However, as the movie runs out of steam, you realize that the small screen suits MacFarlane’s one-joke-after-another humor a bit better than a 106 minute-long film. But the hits were worth the misses and  #*#!, I laughed a lot.

Simply put:  Seth MacFarlane’s Ted is a refreshing, but raunchy comic treat. Definitely not for kids.

Award potential: Not a #*#ing one.

The ten buck review: Worth ten bucks

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