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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sessions

Helen Hunt nude bush

The Sessions give us the story of Mark O' Brien (John Hawkes), a man confined to an iron lung, who begins a personal quest that takes him to a priest (William H. Macy) and then a therapist (Helen Hunt).

Mark wants to be a better man, but the twist in this quest is that he wants to lose his virginity at age 38 and Hunt is the sex therapist who is very willing to help. It's safe to say that the story that follows is both awkward and intimate — and unlike any movie I've seen told on screen.

I certainly enjoyed the upbeat vibe of this year's The Intouchables more, and this is no My Left Foot, but my eyes were fixed to the screen to see how this true story plays out. The actors worked hard for this movie, so I feel like I owe them my ten bucks.

Like last year's Alfred Nobbs, this is a performance movie and not solid film in full. I wish that director Ben Lewin would have reworked the cheesy music score, tightened the script that leads to a few unwanted laughs — and stripped Helen Hunt of her unimpressive Boston accent

Simply put: 50 shades of uncomfortable, but you won't be bored

Award potential: Nominations for John Hawkes and Helen Hunt seem highly likely. 
Oscar loves it when a able-bodied actor plays a disabled character and when an actress plays a hooker with a heart. I don't expect the movie to go far, but I wouldn't count it out just yet. William H. Macy is shamelessly stiff in this role.

The ten buck review: Leave your money on the table. Worth ten bucks.

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