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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globe Predictions - 2013

Award golden globe upset
Predicting what 90 random Hollywood Foreign Press members picked is a daunting task but last year I got 12 out of 14 correct, so here goes.  
Here's what's gonna happen:

Best Actress (Comedy or Musical)
With many heavyweights in lightweight movies, the odds are ever in favor of Jennifer Lawrence.

Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)
Bradley vs. Hugh. Both are working the awards circuit and well loved. But Hugh was more musical than Bradley was comedic. Hugh Jackman accepts tonight.

Best Actor (Drama)

One of the strongest categories, but honestly, I think Daniel Day-Lewis wins as Lincoln.

Best Actress (Drama)
Jessica Chastain scores big numbers with Zero Dark Thirty.

Best Supporting Actor

Another strong category where anyone could be awarded, but Django Unchained lovers have two ways to split their vote. Tommy Lee Jones rightfully takes it.

Best Supporting Actress

Sally Field is a strong choice for her redefinition of Mary Todd Lincoln, but don't we all know that Anne Hathaway was destined to win one of these…and an Oscar. Edge to Anne Hathaway.

Best Screenplay

Lincoln is possible, but Mark Boal, who researched his film from the ground up, may have the award locked up with Zero Dark Thirty.

Best Original Song

Les Miserables' new song gets shaken and stirred by Adele's winning Skyfall.

Best Score Cloud Atlas wowed the industry, but the Foreign Press will go with the only one that people remember later, John William’s Lincoln.

Best Director

If in Vegas, go with Speilberg or Bigelow. I’m picking a well-timed shocker. With a list of nominees that also includes Tarantino and their very favorite Ang Lee…picking the nice actor with a great film solves the dilemma and spreads some love to Argo.  
Ben Affleck, in a headline making upset.

Best Animated Feature Film

Brave is set in Scotland, but Tim Burton did tonight’s winner Frankenweenie

Best Foreign Language Film

More love tonight for Amour

Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)
Moonrise vs. Silver Linings vs. Les Liz. A tough call, but I think Hugh and Anne’s Les Miserables swoons the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Best Motion Picture (Drama)

Any of the 5 nominees could win this Globe, but the tiny little edge goes to Zero Dark Thirty, which peaked at the right time to win.

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