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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Heat

The Heat Bridesmaids Comedies of 2013
The plot of every buddy cop movie is simple: A pair of law enforcers is assigned together. One guy is a straight arrow and the other guy is a wheels off toughie. They clash at first but eventually become friends to get the bad guy (usually an insider). The twist in The Heat, is that the cops are both women.

So, hurray, it has been achieved: a formula buddy comedy with women can be just as underachieving, unoriginal and boorish as one with men.

Director Paul Feig explored contrasting issues like female camaraderie and female competitiveness so winningly funny in Bridesmaids. But this is just a throwaway. The good news is that the fearless duo of Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are hilarious in all the small bits. The bad news is that the film is almost two hours long.

Simply put: Not so hot. A few laughs from McCarthy.

Award potential: Feig directed McCarthy to an Oscar nomination with Bridesmaids. No chance for a comic nod for this slight film. Not even at the Globes.

The ten buck review: Not worth ten bucks. Unless you think it’s worth ten bucks to see Sandra Bullock shoot a peanut out of her nose.

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