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Friday, September 27, 2013

Drinking Buddies

Should I rent it Drinking Buddies
A fun generational film about friends who work in one of the many new upstart craft beer brewery businesses seems like a swell idea for a good comedy. This isn’t it.

Luke (New Girl’s Jake Johnson) and Kate’s (Olivia Wilde) friendship is as blurry as their vision after drinking all day, every day and the tension of that type of relationship is fully realized. With the exception of how much these good looking folks drink all day, these characters seem very real. So real, they forgot to add fun. My guess is that a more comic movie would have suited this concept and group of actors better.

And by the time we get the final scene, it simply seemed like a waste of time to me. Mini hangover.

Simply put: Jeers. I thought this would be a fun night out with a beer and a movie, but it was all beers and no cheers.

Award potential:  None.

The ten buck review: Not worth ten bucks. Go get an overly priced craft beer instead.

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