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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alan's Golden Globe Predictions - 2014

Tina Fey nude legs dress

Those kooky folks at the Globes picked Avatar over Hurt Locker – will they pick Gravity or Hustle over 12 Years A Slave?  Predicting what 90 random Hollywood Foreign Press members picked is a daunting task, but last year I was 82% correct, so here's what's gonna happen on Sunday night: 

Best Actor (Drama)
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
McConaughey’s best work in his comeback year.

Watch out for: Chiwetel Ejiofor if 12 Years a Slave sweeps. They love him and nominated him for Kinky Boots. He’s the frontrunner in most races, but I see this group checking the box for McConaughey.

Best Actress (Drama)
Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
You could have called this one in July and I did. A highly respected, top tier actress playing an unforgettable character.

Watch out for: Sandra Bullock, who was in every stellar scene of Gravity, a film that might do a surprise sweep on the show.

Best Supporting Actor
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
This is a tough category, but Jared Leto in a dress has the edge.

Watch out for: The phenomenal Michael Fassbender in 12 Years a Slave

Best Supporting Actress
Lupita Nyong'o, 12 Years a Slave
She’ll probably surprise as best dressed too.

Watch out for: American Hustle’s Jennifer Lawrence, who’s a frontrunner but handicapped only by being last year’s winner for Silver Lining’s Playbook.

Best Actress (Comedy or Musical)
Amy Adams, American Hustle
A well loved movie. A well loved actress. Anything could happen in the comedy category.

Watch out for:
The Euro-awesome Julie Delpy, in most unfunny movie of the year, Before Midnight. Really, that was a comedy?

Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf Of Wall Street
This is an award that goes to actors like Jim Carrey, Sasha Cohen Baron and Robert Downey Jr. But this year we have Bale, Dern and DiCaprio with comedic roles in quality movies - so who knows. But Leo had never been better and is in almost every scene of this 3-hour film.

Watch out for: A lot of love for Bruce Dern, Nebraska, who would appreciate a win the most.

Best Animated Feature Film
The easiest call of the night. Monsters, University might have been a rival to watch out for, but it wasn’t even nominated.

Best Foreign Language Film
The Great Beauty, Italy
Hmmm. Do you think the Hollywood Foreign Press will appreciate the story of an aging journalist on his rounds through the excesses of the Eternal City in director Paolo Sorrentino's love letter to Federico Fellini's classic La Dolce Vita ?

Watch out for: A nod of support to the controversial Blue is the Warmest Color

Best Screenplay
Her, Spike Jonze
A very original, original script has an edge over the adapted ones.

Watch out for: The movie that sweeps: 12 Years a Slave or American Hustle

Best Original Song
Ordinary Day performed by U2 - Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom
Inside Llewyn Davis’ American Folk music or Mandela and Bono? U2 is just what the Hollywood Foreign Press likes to reward.

Watch out for: A curveball from Let It Go from Frozen, performed by Wicked’s Idina Menzel

Best Original Score:
Steven Price, Gravity
This memorable score is the standout.

Watch out for: If Zimmer’s 12 Years a Slave is part of a big sweep.

Best Director
Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity
Simply the most standout choice.

Watch out for: David O. Russell, in an American Hustle sweep or Steve McQueen in a 12 Years A Slave sweep.

Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)
American Hustle
In a very competitive category of drama/comedy films and cool music soundtracks, American Hustle has all of this — and good timing.

Watch out for: The Wolf of Wall Street, and any movie in this category

Best Motion Picture (Drama)

I boldly predict the awards-love for Gravity and Alfonso Cuarón is going to start Sunday night, which will rock the front-runner status of 12 Years A Slave, the most worthy film but a film that might not have impacted  this group of foreign journalists.

Watch out for: Frontrunner 12 Years A Slave

The Person Tina Fey will think is funniest (Comedy or Musical)
Tina Fey

Watch out for: Tina Fey


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