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Monday, May 12, 2014


Best fight MTV Neighbors
Seth Rogen, and a bunch of boobs like Zac Efron and James Franco’s little brother, try to pull off a funny frat comedy.

I don’t think any moviegoer will expect more than a few laughs from a Seth Rogen frat house comedy. I didn’t. The plot doesn’t really matter with a movie like this since it’s just a loose structure to fill up with jokes; and one out of every ten gags actually works. One gimmick surprised me so much that I think I laughed in a way that might only be described as a “guffaw.”

The script put some token effort into creating real characters and this makes them just a little more interesting than the college stereotypes we all know. Neighbors is directed by Nick Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who probably owes us something more substantial than this, but I recommend this film with a good beer.

Simply put: Don’t expect a classic, but chuckles and guffaws await.

Award potential: This gross-out film’s only award will be a large box office gross.

The ten buck review: I had at least ten laughs, so that’s a fair exchange. It’s worth ten bucks.


  1. I won't get C to accompany me to this but at least we have a theater in ATL that serves beer. I'll have to go it alone.

    1. Good call. You're probably laughing alone either way. Cheers!