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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sex Tape

While you are at it, erase this whole movie too.
 Unless you are Woody Allen, it’s hard to make a funny movie that is based soley on sex. An image of 1988’s Casual Sex featuring Lea Thompson, Victoria Jackson and glowing condoms comes to mind, as do countless movies that show up on late night TV.

Social media, modern anxieties, “the cloud” and current Internet culture have opened the way to make a movie that turns our 2014 behaviors into the surprise comedy of the year. And loveable Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz seem like just the two people who could do that.

But they didn’t. The stars should be more embarrassed about this film than their characters were about their sex tape. Rob Lowe, the original sex tape victim and a supporting actor in this flick, will surely be more embarrassed about everyone’s performance in this movie.

Simply put: This movie is not funny. And it’s not sexy. The only one getting  f’d is the ticket-goer.

Award potential: In the running for a Razzie.

The ten buck review: Not worth ten bucks.

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