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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Wanted Man

A leading man.

This thriller, based on the John le Carre novel, thrills by the cast alone:  Philip Seymour Hoffman (his final role as a leading man), Willem Defoe, Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright.

The look is decidedly European, and its plot unfolds like a time bomb — cautious anxiety leads to edgy suspense. Exactly what you want from a thriller. 

No need to rush out to see this one; it's simply a well-crafted film that won't disappoint.

Simply put: A solid cast. A solid spy film.
Award potential: Deserving, but perhaps not loud enough to be remembered 6 months from now. Hoffman shines without being showy. So does the rest of the cast. 
The ten buck review: Wait to make it five bucks; it will hold up well on TV.

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