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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Life Animated

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Dreams come true.

If you believe in Disney magic,this is the documentary for you. Life Animated explores a young autistic man's life and the breakthroughs that came from an unusual source — Disney animated movies. 

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams (Music by Prudence, God Loves Uganda) unfolds the story of Owen through his endearing parents, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind and his wife, Cornelia. One of their first breakthroughs comes when they realize that a young Owen was reciting lines from The Little Mermaid as a way to not only understand the world around him, but also to communicate with them.

The film follows Owen into his twenties as he's finding his own apartment, dating and entering the next chapter of his life. Appropriately, WIlliams interjects (approved) Disney footage and dreamlike, custom animation to help tell this full story.

Simply put: It's the most charming Disney movie that Disney never made.

Award potential: A sure bet for the Best Documentary Oscar. It's that good, and Hollywood loves to see how important their work is.

The Ten Buck Review: Worth ten bucks.  Available on On-Demand, Apple TV and more.

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