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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Bask in Moonlight.

Moonlight is the original, nuanced, indie drama we’ve been waiting for all year. It’s a coming-of age story told in three parts, each titled from the nicknames of the central character: Little, Chiron and Black.

Director Barry Jenkins shows us young man's struggle to find himself by following the heartbreaking journey of Chiron from age nine to adult. Chiron is repeatedly asked, “Who is you?” and so is the audience.

Moonlight tenderly touches on themes of African-American masculinity, class, race, family and drug abuse in ways that are rarely depicted onscreen.

Simply put: To the moon and back. It’s the intimate, indie drama we’ve waited for all year. Jenkins is a new voice in cinema and he and his film will surely have a powerful presence in awards season.

Award potential: Look for nominees in all major Oscar categories beginning with Best Picture. It’s a lock for a nom for the SAG’s ensemble cast award as well.

The acting awards are tricky, as three actors played the quiet Chiron, but I’d look to Mahershala Ali in the Best Supporting Actor category for his scene-stealing role as father-figure Juan. Naomie Harris is a lock for Best Supporting Actress. Janelle Moneae won’t be recognized for her work here but may be nominated against Naomie for her work in the upcoming movie Hidden Figures.

The Ten Buck Review: Worth ten bucks.

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