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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Five fab 2017 Oscar® nominated documentaries available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu

The White Helmets, Nominated for Best Documentary Short.
This short but remarkable documentary explores the work of the White Helmets, a group of Syrian citizens credited with having saved thousands lives over the past five years amidst the turmoil and violence in Syria and Turkey. 58,000 lives including the “miracle baby.”

Director Orlando von Einsiedel (Academy Award-nominated Virunga) combines hand-held action video and interviews with artful cinematic film work of the rubble of Aleppo, which raises this doc to the next level. It’s a moving and inspiring 40 minutes ­—­ and several moments nearly brought me to tears. You’ll emerge with a towering admiration for these heroes and their work. It's inspiring and amazing. Available on Netflix.

13th, nominated for Best Documentary Feature

Director Ava DuVernay (Selma) sweeps through the history of American racism from slavery to the Black Lives Matter protest at a dizzying pace. However, her tight focus is on incarceration and the 13th Amendment, which guarantees freedom for all citizens "except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted." The documentary, full of jaw-dropping facts and stats with intention to stir, is shot in a traditional interview format, but it couldn’t be timelier. Available on Netflix.

Extremis, Nominated for Best Documentary Short
Extremis, Latin for “at the point of death,” follows a two families day in the life of people who work in the ICU. There is a lot of frankness to take in, but the film is a merciful 24-minutes. Available on Netflix

Life, Animated, nominated for Best Documentary Feature
If you believe in Disney magic,this is the documentary for you. Life Animated explores a young autistic man's life and the breakthroughs that came from an unusual source — Disney animated movies.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams unfolds the story of Owen through his endearing parents, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind and his wife, Cornelia. One of their first breakthroughs comes when they realize that a young Owen was reciting lines from The Little Mermaid as a way to not only understand the world around him, but also to communicate with them. It's the most charming Disney movie that Disney never made. Available on Amazon Prime.

OJ: Made in America, nominated for Best Documentary Feature
One of the best-reviewed, most decorated documentaries of the year offers insights into sports,celebrity fame and race — and it often transcends its themes.

Some had this film in their Oscar short list for Best Picture nominees despite being an 8-episode 30 for 30 from ESPN. It’s seven-and-a-half hours. Available on Hulu, WatchESPN and available to rent on Amazon.
The Ten Buck Review: All worth ten bucks, or a subscription to Netflix.

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