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Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 November Gems On Netflix

Gigolos, strippers and bunny-burners. Netflix, worth the price for House of Cards alone, has some hidden gems this month that makes its $8 a month price totally ten-buck-worthy.

 Snowpiercer (Available November 22)

This visual stunner is one of the most critically acclaimed movies from this summer, it currently has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes’ site and it has a shot at nominations for this year’s Oscars. With stars Chris Evans (Captain America) and a memorable turn by Tilda Swinton, it’s certainly worth the ride.

Fatal Attraction  (Available November 1)

If you’ve recently gone crazy over Gone Girl, scare up another good time with this original potboiler thriller from 1987.


Nebraska (Available November 8)

This black and white film from January has some of the most colorful movie characters of the year. Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) takes the audience to small town Missouri and Nebraska for a big treat.

Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats (Available November 14)

Comedian Chelsea Peretti’s (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) stand-up special will arrive just in time for some mid-November laughs.

Fading Gigolo (Available November 5)

John Turturro’s comedy from last May has many of the charms of a Woody Allen film: a great jazz soundtrack, the enchantment of New York and a relaxed, funny neurotic performance by Allen. If the women had been given smarter roles, this would have been a modern Moonstruck, but it still works as an amusing rental.

The ten buck review: Worth ten bucks.

La Bare (Available November 14)

Ladies, if John Turturro doesn’t fit your idea of a gigolo, try Joe Manganiello's well-reviewed documentary. I skipped this one in the theater, but this doc about the backstage lives of Dallas bimbos will be extra fun for Dallasites looking for people they know.

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