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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dumb and Dumber To

My dumberest review ever

This sequel isn’t a timeless comedy like the 1994 original, but it’s a very good bad-movie. Uh, let me try to explain.

Tammy, this year’s other high profile physical comedy was insufferable. It missed on more jokes than it hit and it tried to get oddly serious at the end. That was a bad bad-movie. How To Die In The West was a bad-bad movie. Director Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s film with Jim Carrey is about what we expected and wanted from a sequel. It’s a good-bad movie.

Now that’s about the dumberest review I’ve ever given.

Simply put: To fans of the original, Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s work defies film criticism. Carrey is often hilarious.

Award potential: None, of course.

The ten buck review:
At a dollar a guffaw, it’s worth ten bucks.

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