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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The seven films you need to see before Oscar Night

Since you can’t watch all 60 nominated films between January 22 and February 22, which movies do you need to see before the events of Oscar night play out?

Oh Boy! Watch two Best Picture nominees the comfort of your home

1. Boyhood, the coming of age drama from Richard Linklater, is the front-runner for Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actress. It could easily win Best Film Editing and Original Screenplay too. Everyone has a strong opinion on this film, so it’s a must for Oscar Night discussions.(Total 6 nominations and available for purchase or to stream).


2. The Grand Budapest Hotel ties Birdman for the most nominations this year, including Best Picture and Best Director so it will come up in multiple categories. Check in and check it out tonight. (Total 9 nominations and available for purchase or to stream)

Will Oscar Night be about a Boy or Bird?

3. Birdman ties Budapest for the most nominations but it is neck-and-neck with the equally-innovative Boyhood for all the big prizes: Picture, Director and Original Screenplay. Simply put, you need to see Boyhood and Birdman. (Total 9 nominations and in theaters at this writing.)

See the give-it-everything performance of the year

4. The Theory Of Everything is a front runner for Best Actor (Eddie Redmayne) and Score.Redmayne will win the Golden Globe and SAG awards, but Michael Keaton might be rewarded by The Academy, who does such things for well-loved Hollywood icons who return in peak form. You won't be able to join in that debate unless you've seen this fantastic performance. (Total 5 nominations and in theaters at this writing)

Watch the movie with the clearest shot to upset
5. American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood-directed film about U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle starring Bradley Cooper, received nominations for Best Actor, Picture, Adapted Screenplay and more. If there is a upset next month, it will be this from this movie that is peaking at just the right time. (Total 6 nominations and in theaters at this writing)

Watch Whiplash while it’s still in the theater

6. Whiplash's J.K. Simmons is likely to win Best Supporting Actor, although there is quality competition from almost everyone nominated, which makes for a fun Oscar Night category. I just think you need to see the music come to life from this Best Picture nominee on the big screen instead of hearing everyone tell you that you “should go see this film.” (Total 5 nominations and in theaters at this writing.)

There are a lot of good films you can save until after the awards: The Imitation Game is one of my favorites, but it won’t win anything in a year where innovative films triumph over traditional ones. Julianne Moore is a lock, so you can mark her on your ballot and wait for Still Alice. Selma will take Best Song, but not Picture. Rarely does a fine movie like Foxcatcher win awards like Best Director without a Best Picture nomination. And since the potential upset winner for Best Foreign Language Film, Leviathan, just left local Dallas theaters, I’d recommend that you... the Best Foreign Language Film front runner at home

7. Ida is streaming on Netflix now. This black and white film is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film…and, wow, Best Cinematography too. (Total 2 nominations and streaming on Netflix.)

Worth ten bucks: Quite obviously, all of them are each ten buck worthy.  

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