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Monday, July 20, 2015

Ted 2

Not its forebear

Ted, was a laugh riot with the right amount of heart. That heart was built around the broship of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg ) and Ted (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and the complications that come from the new person in their life, John’s fiancé. Ted 2 flips this basic setup and focuses on Ted’s fiancé’s difficulties. Somehow all that heart stuff doesn’t work when a bear is trying to pull strings about feelings and civil rights. Neither do the tired jokes (Flash Gordon is back, ah-nah). Plus, Ted 2 offers an indulgent opening song and dance number without one laugh planned. What were they thinking?

Simply put: I laughed out loud at a few things that caught me by surprise. Note those last four words.

Award potential: 
None. This film is Seth MacFarlane’s boob.
The ten buck review:
 Not worth ten bucks.

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