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Monday, July 20, 2015

Terminator Genisys

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“John Connor talks too much…”

… says Arnold Schwaneggar’s Terminator machine character. Everyone in this film talks too much, baybee. They’re all trying to explain the story background, the new plot, time travel, and every muddled thing you can imagine, including why Arnold’s Terminator has aged.

There’s an interesting story buried in the Genisys plot somewhere, but by the time the third act gives John Connor an unwelcome twist, I wish I could time travel to the end of this film. Without spoiling much, let’s just say that Terminator Genisys does to him what Go Set A Watchman does to Attitus.

On the plus, it’s a blast to see Arnold back onscreen as this character, but it hurts to see all these efforts put towards a muddled mess. Emilia Clarke is perfect as a young Sarah Connor. Jai Courtney also has star power onscreen as an everyman hero (but he didn’t play to or pull off his character’s military background). I don’t think these new actors matter though; we won’t see any more of these films for decades now.

We’ve had three sequels since the perfect action film, Terminator 2, in 1991. It’s clear that Arnold’s signature series only works when James Cameron is involved. Someone please tell Skynet.

Simply put: If only we could send a Terminator back in time and terminate this whole production.

Award potential: None.
The ten buck review:
 Not worth ten bucks.

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