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Friday, January 27, 2017

who founded mcdonalds ray kroc or mcdonalds did he cheat them out of their business

I McLiked It.

So, I knew that Ray Kroc was the man behind McDonalds and I sorta knew that the first restaurant was created by the McDonald brothers, but I have to admit that I had no idea about what happened in between. Was it a happy transition — or a takeover? This film tells that story.

Director John Lee Hancock has a tricky job with Founder. He has to show us the magic of an iconic American brand to make this story matter while simultaneously showing us its ugly insides. He had a similar task with Disney in his previous film, Saving Mr. Banks. In both cases, his films tell these supersized corporate stories in a credible but traditional way that entertains and informs.

While both of his films win at showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of these legends, they pale in format when compared to an imaginative film such as The Big Short. In Founder, there is a scene where the McDonald brothers tell their origin story to Kroc over a dinner table in the most expected way possible. I couldn’t help but wonder what director Adam McKay would have done with this scene — and this film.

Luckily, Michael Keaton is a dynamo as Kroc and the story is anything but.

Simply put: I wasn't always lovin' it, but overall I really, really liked it.

Award potential: Founder escaped all major nominations. Perhaps because it's a corporate story. Or, like Saving Mr. Banks, this Mcfilm could have used a bit more bite.

The Ten Buck Review: Still worth ten bucks.

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