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Friday, January 20, 2017


SAG best ensemble

A roaring success.

Lion is a true story of Saroo, an Indian boy who was separated from his family at age five. The remarkable work of young actor Sunny Pawar drives this emotional story and drove the audience around me to tears (both sad and happy ones).

The second half of the film abruptly cuts twenty years into the boy’s future. The adult Saroo is played by Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire). It’s an abrupt jump that threatens the full film. Patel, often content to play the smiling approachable dude, steps up and delivers some magic in this role. Clearly, this is his best onscreen work.

No spoilers, but did I mention that the second half also invokes tears (both happy and sad.)? Bring tissues.

Simply put: It’s swell, and you’ll swell. Lion is unforgettable.

Award potential: The film will be nominated for Best Picture and likely Best Director. Nicole Kidman has a big-speech moment and will deservingly receive a nod for Best Supporting Actress.

The Ten Buck Review: Worth ten bucks.

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