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Friday, January 20, 2017


first lady nude topless

Dodge this bullet.

Friends who couldn’t join me for Jackie noted they couldn’t wait to see her story and view the costumes. Lucky that they didn’t go; this is not a biopic. It’s a story framed by an imaginary interview of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and its sole purpose seems to be to share an intimate glimpse at her steely determination during the days that followed the assassination.

Of course, all of these manic, intimate thoughts are imagined, so what’s the point in seeing this? Well, there are some interesting thoughts about her role in the marketing of "Camelot,” but that alone does not make these long two hours informative or entertaining. Most likely, the one thing I’ll remember is an absurd, claustrophobic and self-aware movie score that almost brought my local theater to giggles.

And as for enjoying the costumes, there’s not much for the eyes here either. Since the film follows the week of the assassination, you’ve seen those iconic dresses many times already.

Simply put: Camel-not.

Award potential: Natalie Portman’s lean-forward performance as the iconic First Lady will be nominated in the Best Actress category. This is not a Best Picture.

The Ten Buck Review: Not worth ten bucks.

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